Towards the Pass : Toshifumi Suzuki (Teishin Kobo) Pre-painted 1:150

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Satoshi Suzuki (Teishin Koubou /HSC leader) Pre-painted finished work N gauge (1/150), human height is about 1cm size

Size (max): approx. 290 x 430 x H140 mm

Rail: N gauge approx. 430mm x 6 tracks (+ 1 track half buried in snow, not suitable for car display)
Note: Running is not considered.

Accessories: 3 cars from TOMYTEC Railway Collection "JNR Series 70 Joetsu 4-Car Set" (weathered with snow). 4 worker dolls (with adhesive)
Note: The adhesive is attached to the soles of the doll's feet and can be used to change the standing position several times. If the adhesive becomes weak due to powder or dust, it can be revived by applying adhesive such as "BBX". If you don't need to move the position and want to glue it, we recommend Superfix, Wood Bond, etc.

Note: Works published in TRAIN MODELING MANUAL Special Edition (Hobby Japan MOOK 376)

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

I created an imaginary winter scene around Ishiuchi station at the end of Showa era.
We have 4 dolls of workers which can be placed in any position, so you can line up your favourite electric locomotive for a "coupling scene of auxiliary equipment at the departure station of the Joetsu border crossing! This is a fun way to display your favourite electric locomotives.
The locomotive can be used as a display or for photography.

Mr. Satoshi Suzuki Works

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