Tea Field and Elevated Road (with pole between lines) : Yasuji Ibuchi Painted Completed N (1:150)

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Yasuji Ibuchi Finished N (1:150) size People about 1 cm tall

Size: Length 523mm Width 143mm Height 127mm (including case base)
Length: 496mm Width: 128mm Height: 77mm (main body)
Scale: N gauge (1/150)
Rail: KATO flexible rail used (unitrack roadbed at the end of the layout)
Accessories: acrylic case, wooden base

Note: Power for running must be wired from other connecting rails.
Vehicle and power pack are not included.
Details may vary due to handmade work.

Information editing: Sakatsu Gallery

Tea fields and elevated roads driving image (video created by Yasuji Ibuchi)

Plate layout compatible with KATO Unitrack, inspired by the Tokaido Line in Shizuoka Prefecture.
It is manufactured at the same height as the UniTrack rail, so it can be easily connected to double-track tracks, etc., and incorporated into floor layouts for train running.
The overhead rail columns can be detached and can be used to represent the non-electrified era.
It is removable from the wooden base with two screws on the back side.

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