Mountain village Local Railway (w/ Diesel Car and Power Pack) : Yasuji Ibuchi Layout-work N (1:150)

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Yasuji Ibuchi Finished layout N (1:150) size People about 1 cm tall

Size: 608 mm (width), 403 mm (depth), 241 mm (height) (including case and point lever)
(Diorama scenery surface size: 597mm (W), 370mm (D) and about 170mm (H))

Rail: N gauge 9mm Tomix fine track, minimum curve is C140
PECO used only for points and lead-in lines

Point changeover: Manual lever type
Length of rail between point and stop: Approx. 300 mm for both unmanned station and pull-up line

Platform length: 190 mm for flat section, 40 mm for ramp section

Feeder line: approx. 600 mm with Tomix jack (can be converted to KATO jack)

Accessories: Acrylic case
TOMYTEC Kiha 04 (roof slightly weathered, wheels dyed black, powered)
TOMIX Power Pack FG17
Replacement Jack for KATO Power Pack
You can drive it immediately after purchase.

Note: Due to the handmade nature of this product, details may vary.

Information editing: Sakatsu Gallery

A little while ago, a nostalgic view of a Japanese mountain village.
This is a driving-oriented layout with a tunnel through the mountains, a brick bridge across a creek, and a village.
A small locomotive pulling a couple of 2 axle freight cars (e.g. KATO products such as C12 DD16 ED19 new power pocket line) or a 17m-18m class car running with one or two cars would be a good fit.
(Note: 20-meter class vehicles cannot enter the tunnel section.)
can also enjoy point-to-point operations, such as starting from the pull-up line in front of the station, where it is easy for vehicles to enter, to the unmanned station at the end of the line.

This piece comes with the vehicle and power pack, so just plug it into a household outlet and enjoy driving it right away.
It also comes with a acrylic case, which makes it easy to store and display the artwork and is a great gift idea.

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