Brick Viaduct : Tadaaki Okada diorama work 1:150scale N-gauge

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Tadaaki Okada Painted 1:150 (N size)

Size: 390mm X 190mm X 200mm (H)
(Base size is 360mm X 190mm)

Rail: Track length approx. 360mm, approx. 330mm excluding adjuster tracks (KATO Uni-track, N gauge)
Rail height approx. 55mm

Materials: Plastic, paper, metal, etc.

Building and bus are separable.
Other dolls are pre-glued to the ground.
The track side and building side of the ground can be removed from the base surface. You can also change the combination with your own railway track or another scenery.
Works published in RM MODELS No. 308

Information editing: Sakatsu Gallery

Brick Viaduct" (Video production: Sakatsu Gallery)

is a unit diorama work proposed by Tadaaki Okada.
is a series of diorama modules that can be reconfigured to suit your mood or the season, and can be combined with N-gauge rails to easily enjoy scenic layouts.
This piece is a scene set with a brick viaduct and tall buildings.
If it were Tokyo, would it be around Shimbashi or Yurakucho?
There are also a lot of people and cars positioned to convey the atmosphere of a busy downtown area.
trees and buildings have also been painted to match their location, creating a well-balanced picture of the entire area.
How about a display stand for vehicles or for integration into your own layout?

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