Narrow pike around saw-roof factory : Kunihiko Ikeda, painted, 1:80 size

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Kunihiko Ikeda finished diorama 1/80 size

Narrow pike around a saw-roofed factory

Overall dimensions of the work (including base frame and acrylic case): Width 305mm, depth 305mm, height 330mm
Track width: 9mm
Included vehicles: 1 diesel locomotive ("Guminder" red by Mini Trains), 3 trolleys ("Pulpwood Car" 2 by Mini Trains + "Trash Car" 1 by Mini Trains), 1 passenger car ("Subaru 360" by Model Planning), 1 truck (modified military vehicle kit by Airfix) < br br> Accessories: Feeder wire (cord for connecting KATO power pack), AC adapter (for simple running, 5V)
Note 1: LED for lighting, 2 AA batteries are used. When the batteries run out, please replace them using the battery box on the back of the base.
Note 2: The switch switches on and off the two circuits simultaneously, one for driving and one for lighting. If the switch is switched on without the adapter connected, the vehicle can also be displayed with the lights on while stationary.
Note 3: Periodic cleaning of the rails is necessary to prevent power failure to the vehicles. Cleaning of the inside of the plant can be carried out by removing the roof.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

Comment by Kunihiko Ikeda
It's the first time I've been to a narrow pike factory, and I'm not sure if I'm in the minority now.
I would like to see a factory like this in the background of a field of clay pipes in a comic book, for example, although I have rarely seen one myself.
I remember the sound of my mother calling out "It's time to eat! I think that the saw-roofed factory is an icon that is closely linked to my childhood memories: the sound of my mother's voice calling out, the sunset sky, the tofu shop blowing its trumpet as I pedal away on my bicycle, or the scenes I read in books of the appearance of the twenty-first monster.�E½@
Building a small railway layout on your deskThis is based on the plans included in the "Plans & Ideas" chapter of @.
It is narrow gauge with a scale of 1/80 and a track width of 9mm.
The main factory and other structures are made from paper.
Note:Please note that the power pack is not included. We recommend that you use KATO's "Power Pack Standard SX".

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