Sunset : Chic Skirt - Painted - 1:12 Scale

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Chic Skirt - Painted 1/12 Scale

Work size: approx. W200 D120 H165 mm

Note: There is a power cord coming out of the back of the piece, which can be connected to a household 100V outlet to light up the sunset.
The front panel is removable. The front panel is removable (due to the glass, please be careful not to injure or damage it).
Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

The sun has set on a distant mountain...
A sunset that heals the day's fatigue. A sunset that brings back sad memories of childhood.
This is a framed scene of a sunset. The light is bright enough to be enjoyed indoors, so it can be placed by your desk.

This is a realistic everyday scene created using a variety of craft and painting techniques. It is the work of Sadanobu Ueda, known as Chic Skirt, who specialises in Japanese style dollhouses, where the dolls are not included, but where the warmth and life of the people are felt.


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