Hatsuyuki : Chic - Skirt - Painted - 1:12 Scale

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! Chic Skirt - Painted 1/12 Scale

Work size: approx. W450 D460 H270 mm

Note: There is a power cord coming out of the back of the work, which can be connected to a 100V household power outlet to light up the "schoolyard" lights. The lights in the classroom will not be turned on due to the production.
The front panel is screwed on and can be removed.
Delivery will be by charter service as courier service is not suitable. Please contact us if you have any questions before ordering.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

Lunchtime at the primary school. Outside it's cold, but inside the classroom it's hot with the Dharma stove and the heat of the children.
After lunch, everyone started to play with each other...
It's snowing!
"It's snowing! At this word, the children run out into the schoolyard in a frenzy of excitement.
"It's snowing! The children's playthings are still in place and the classroom is quiet, but you can hear their cheers from the playground.

Realistic everyday scenes created using various genres of crafts and painting techniques. This is the work of Sadanobu Ueda, known as Chic Skirt, who specializes in Japanese style dollhouses, Japanese scenes that evoke the warmth of people and their lives, without daring to include dolls.

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