Zekkai Tsukimidai - No.2 Gouto: Hiroji Yamao - Finished product version 1:150 size

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Scenes from the Taisho and early Showa periods, featuring artistic building work by Hiroshi Yamao.
These are objects of structures that cannot be real, virtual buildings. Created as a work of art using the diorama technique.
The Japanese people have long used the term "kacho-fu-getsu" to describe their love of beautiful natural scenery and scenes, and I have been planning to create a "kacho-fu-getsu series" in response to this. Excerpt from Yamao's website:] (Extract from Yamao's website)

There are three switches on the base frame, which can be used to switch on the lighting for the outside of the building, the inside and the perimeter of the base frame respectively.

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