Three steps forward, two steps back, and then inspiration strikes... No.2 Gate: Hiroji Yamao, painted, 1:150 size

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Hiroji Yamao Object, painted and ready to hang, 1/150 size

Gate that get inspired when go three steps and back two steps No.2
Created in 2017

Comes with its own acrylic case
Dimensions including base: W 205 x D 135 x H 550mm

Power supply: 1 x 100V household use

Main materials used: Cardboard, transparent film, wood (base part), LED, copper wire, matte acrylic paint (Holbein Acrylagash), water-based stain (Turner Wood Stain) and others

Lighting: The entire structure is illuminated with LEDs. There are two switches on the front of the work (inside the building, outside the building).

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This is a virtual building, an object of a structure that cannot exist in reality. (Scale: S=1/150, N scale)
The interior of the building is also designed to evoke the life of the inhabitants, and is illuminated to create silhouettes through the windows.

We also have Hiroji Yamao's work for you to look at.

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