Ichinokei Hot Spring Electric Track - Kai: Hiroji Yamao - Finished product version 1:150 size

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Hiroji Yamao Ichinokei Hot Spring Electric Track - Kai - Painted 1/150 Size

Overall dimensions (including base frame): 455mm (W) x 310mm (D) x 250mm (H)

Gauge (width between tracks): 9mm

Main materials used: Styrene board, cardboard, wood (base part), matte acrylic paint (Holbein Acryl Gouache), Gloss Medium (river surface), KATO Water Effect (river surface), water-based stain (Turner Wood Stain), Real Sand, Forage and others
Lighting: LED + CRD + 560 ohm resistor + diode for rectification + switch
PECO flexible wire (for N) code 55, dog nail (Shinohara HO N3 Spikes) and others

Note 1: Clear case, N-gauge cars and feeder lines, TOMIX power pack included
Note 2: LED lights inside the building and in the forest, connection plug for the power pack on the side of the car.
Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

Scenes from the Taisho and early Showa periods, featuring artistic building work by Hiroshi Yamao.
The building has been designed and built by Hiroshi Yamao.
In addition, there are LED lights in the surrounding trees, so you can enjoy the work as a night scene when the lights are on.
The set comes with a set of cars produced using the Alnain "Classic Train" kit, which can be driven by connecting the power pack to the plug on the side.
This set comes complete with the power pack, feeder wires and other equipment needed to run the train, so you can enjoy running the cars as soon as you have a power outlet after purchase.
The subject of this work is the scenery of the time when trams (electric track lines) were active in the hot spring resort in the mountains (Taisho - early Showa period).

There are also other artworks by Hiroji Yamao, please have a look.

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