Soso Railway The First Station N Gauge Module : Hiroji Yamao Finished product 1:150 size

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Hiroji Yamao Original Standard Module Daiso Railway Part 1 (Daiso Tetsudo Part 1) Painted Complete 1/150 Size

Overall dimensions (including case): 23cm (width) by 13cm (depth) by 13.5cm (height)
Gauge (width between tracks): 9mm

Note: Clear case included. Lighted with tiny LEDs, button battery and switch on the bottom.
This piece can be connected to TOMIX rails which are sold separately.
Mr. Yamao's "ADAISO RAILWAY" series is modularized according to his own standards and can be connected to each other with TOMIX fractional rail "S33".
Whether you want to display your own model railway cars, or enjoy running them as part of an assembled layout, there are many ways to enjoy this work.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

Scenes from the Taisho and early Showa periods, featuring artistic building work by Hiroshi Yamao.
The "Daiso Tetsudo" series, which includes this work, is a series of works using cases sold at the 100 yen shop Daiso.
A nostalgic scene is reproduced in one of the smallest work sizes for a model railway module.
Each building is completely handmade by Mr. Yamao. Not only the overall structure of the buildings, but also the texture of the materials, windows and other details have been carefully crafted by Mr. Yamao, who is involved in architectural design.
In addition, the buildings are decorated with LED lights to create an atmospheric night scene.
It can be displayed as it is, or you can place your own N gauge model railway cars on it, or you can connect TOMIX rails to it and use it as part of an assembly layout.
Please also take a look at the concurrently produced "The Second Choiso Railway".
We also have Hiroji Yamao's work for you to look at.

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