90mm Cube Miniature "The guy from out of town 3" : Taro, Diorama art work Non-scale 292

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Completed diorama created by Taro, palm-sized diorama, non-scale

Approximate size (including base and case): 10 cm (width), 10 cm (depth), 10 cm (height)

Decoration: 4 LED lights, switch on the bottom of the work, button battery (1 CR2032 is used)

Remarks: 9cm cubic transparent case included. Due to the handmade nature of this work, details may vary.

Information editing: Sakatsu Gallery

Ano Machi no Ojisan 3" (Video Production: Sakatsu Gallery)

Location of the final film "Otoko wa Tsuraiyo" (The Man is Tough)
Director Yoji Yamada said, "There are no more beautiful train stations like this in Japan.
Misaki Takio Station

deformation of the entire view of the station, which could not be squeezed into a 90 mm cube.

A high school girl greets her tortoiseshell cat at a station ticket gate in the morning
The promised peddler lady, a familiar face, and a brother reunited with a familiar station attendant.

The inside of the building is also built up since three sides of the station building were opened to windows.

4 LED lights up

This work is one of Taro's "90mm Cube Miniatures series" that fit into a dice-shaped case of 9cm per side. The case eliminates the worry of dust and damage, and the sense of unity when the pieces are lined up makes collecting them a pleasure.
for gifts.

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