90mm cube miniature "Kita-kamakura old private house" : Taro, Diorama art work Non-scale 288

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Completed diorama created by Taro, palm-sized diorama, non-scale

Approximate size (including base and case): 10 cm (width), 10 cm (depth), 10 cm (height)

Decoration: 3 LED lights, switch on the bottom of the work, button battery (1 CR2032 is used)

Remarks: 9cm cubic transparent case included. Due to the handmade nature of this work, details may vary.

Information editing: Sakatsu Gallery

"Kitakamakura Old House" (video production: Sakatsu Gallery)

I recently traveled to Kamakura.
This is the direction where the Enoden station called Onari Dori is located.
Of course, since it is hydrangea season, we also walked around the grounds of a famous temple.

and to Kitakamakura

Facility called "Old Private House Museum" renovated from an old private house.
I have seen an exhibition of art works on the theme of hydrangea at at the same time.

The view of the garden from that one room left a lasting impression on me.
It is imagined in the diorama.
We are looking for a figure in kimono, and if we can find one, it will appear in the future.

LED lights are indoor and garden lanterns and the surface of the waterfall.

3 LED lights up

This work is one of Taro's "90mm Cube Miniatures series" that fit into a dice-shaped case of 9cm per side. The case eliminates the worry of dust and damage, and the sense of unity when the pieces are lined up makes collecting them a pleasure.
for gifts.

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