90mm Cube Miniature "Showa Retro Yokocho" : Taro, Diorama art work Non-scale 270

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Completed diorama created by Taro, palm-sized diorama, non-scale

Approximate size (including base and case): 10 cm (width), 10 cm (depth), 10 cm (height)

Decoration: 14 LED lights, switch on the bottom of the work, button batteries (2 CR2032 are used)

Remarks: 9cm cubic transparent case included. Due to the handmade nature of this work, some details may vary.

Information editing: Sakatsu Gallery

"Showa Retro Yokocho" (video produced by Sakatsu Gallery)

We tried to make the building simple, yet bold and well built.

building by building from the front, assuming a straight street.
fine-tune the left and right overhangs and depths as you go on.
The concept was changed when we arrived at a change of direction, making a sharp turn in the middle of .

N cage figure and bike in the back
In front, we go the HO figures to the gradually smaller ones.

It is arranged to fit in the entrance of the store.
with one stray dog near the entrance of the store.

The familiar "tanuki" on a roof somewhere
Please visit and have a drunken time so that you will not be dreamed up.

14 LEDs light up

This work is one of Taro's "90mm Cube Miniatures series" that fit into a dice-shaped case of 9cm per side. The case eliminates the worry of dust and damage, and the sense of unity when the pieces are lined up makes collecting them a pleasure.
for gifts.

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