"Train runs, scenery turns!" : Yoshiaki Ishikawa, Diorama art work 1:150

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Assembled small N-gaged layout produced by Ishikawa, N (1:150) size, approx. 1 cm in height of a person

This work won the "Fine Mold Award" of the 11th Hamamatsu Diorama Grand Prix (2022).

Approximate size when assembled (including turntable): Diameter 450mm, Height 200mm

About the layout (tracks): 9mm track gauge, R183mm curved rails, rail powered. (Please prepare separately the cars, feeder lines, and power packs that run on rail power supply. Included Mini-mini train runs on built-in coin cell batteries and does not require rail power supply).
The diorama can be separated into 8 mini dioramas, which can be stored separately and interchanged in order. Each diorama is pre-decorated with LED lights. Power is supplied by 2 AAA batteries inside each pedestal with a switch.

About the vehicle: 1 Mini-mini train is included. The Mini-mini train is an ultra-compact vehicle specially made by Ishikawa, and runs on its own with built-in button batteries (2 LR44 are used). Running starts when batteries are set, stops when batteries are removed. Speed cannot be adjusted.
Two LR44 batteries are provided for driving. Can be enjoyed immediately upon arrival.
If the batteries are low, the speed may slow down and stop on curves.
If it does not run well, replace it with a new battery.

About the turntable: 200 mm in diameter, with extended switch, using a D battery.

Other accessories: Fuji, base board (black plastic cardboard)

Information editing: Sakatsu Gallery

"Train Runs, Scenery Turns!" (Video produced by Sakatsu Gallery)

Yoshiaki Ishikawa is popular for his dioramas of kawaii trains running through a fantastical world.
This work won the "Fine Mold Award" of the 11th Hamamatsu Diorama Grand Prix (2022).
Based on Mini diorama base curved line R183, the eight pieces can be connected together. They are to form a very enjoyable assembled layout and take you on a tour of various parts of Japan.

The train car Mini-mini train Red pantographis included.
When the coin cell battery is inserted, it begins to move and slowly orbits around the scene.
Each of the 8 dioramas is individually decorated with LED lights for nighttime viewing, and the order of the dioramas can be switched.
It would be fun to create a diorama by yourself using Mini diorama base curved line R183 and replacing them.

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