Kururi A4 size rail : Ishikawa Yoshiaki Railroad Track 9mm gauge N (1:150)

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Yoshiaki Ishikawa Ultra-small deformed oval rail N (1:150) size including super steep curves equivalent to R50 Approximately 1 cm in height of a person

Rail dimensions (outermost diameter): approx. 293mm x 206mm, fits perfectly in A4 size. In reality, it is necessary to set up models such as buildings in an area further away from the tracks to prevent the cars from hitting them when they run.
Track width: 9mm (Pitch of sleepers is based on "N")
Feeder line: KATO type, approx. 65 cm

Partially contains a curve with an extremely small radius of R50 (100 mm in diameter). The curve may be slightly distorted due to hand processing.
Due to the steep curves, this model is designed to run on a single train with a 2-axles power unit such as the power unit for the KATO Pocket Line. Bogie cars and trains may not be able to run.
Also, if an A4 acrylic case (sold separately) is placed over, the car may hit the case and not be able to drive.
Cars and photographic accessories in the photos are combination images and are not included in the product.

Information editing: Sakatsu Gallery

Kururi Various Running (Video Production: Noranaka)

The realistic view of the world and the storytelling that expands the imagination are tightly condensed into this size. Why don't you try making a miniature model train in the Japanese miniature culture with the traditions of bonsai and hakoniwa (Japanese box garden)?
Let's run a train in the world of A4. The added movement of a running train extends time and space beyond its size.
Through numerous scenes and episodes, the car goes around. The next lap will look different from the previous one.
A world of freedom is spreading largely in a small "Kururi".

Note: Due to the handmade nature of this work, details may vary.

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