Showa Shitamachi Sakae Street C (in black box) : Yoshiaki Ishikawa - painted 1:150 size

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Yoshiaki Ishikawa finished diorama, super small layout, N (1:150) size, people are about 1cm tall.

Size (including storage box base) approximate size: 130mm (W), 130mm (D), 170mm (H)
Dimensions when stored: 130mm (W) by 130mm (D) by 95mm (H)

Please take out the layout including buildings and vehicles from the storage box, use the storage box as a base and combine them for display.
Lighting: LED lights, button battery (1 CR2032) power supply and switch in the ceiling of the building.

Layout (track): right-angled minimal radius curves, track width 9mm, not rail powered.

About the cars: miniature train included.
The mini-mini train is a very small carriage specially made by Mr. Ishikawa, which runs on its own with a built-in button battery (2 LR44). It starts running when the batteries are loaded and stops when the batteries are removed. The speed cannot be adjusted.
The car is supplied with two LR44 batteries. The car is ready to go as soon as it arrives.
If the batteries are low, the car may slow down and stop on bends.
If the car does not run well, please replace the batteries with new ones.
Note: Please note that due to the tight curve radius, only the miniature train provided can be used.
Note: Due to the handmade nature of this product, some details may vary.
Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

Showa Shitamachi Sakae Street C" (video by Sakatsu Gallery)

is the work of Mr. Yoshiaki Ishikawa, who is popular for his dioramas of cute trains running through fantastic worlds.
This is a very small layout that can hold all the layout and rolling stock in a box from a Japanese sweets shop in Kyoto.
The storage box is a display stand and is compact enough to be displayed or stored.

Although the whole work is small, it is packed with buildings, trees, dolls and other small items!
The right-angled curved track is a feature of this layout. Running on this ultra-compact layout is Mr. Ishikawa's special miniature train. The carriage has a built-in button battery and will run continuously for a long time when loaded with batteries.

and moreWorks by Yoshiaki Ishikawa
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