Kanda River and Train 2 : Yoshiaki Ishikawa - painted 1:150 scale

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Yoshiaki Ishikawa Finished Diorama N (1/150) size People are about 1cm tall

Size (including case) approximate size: 310mm wide, 280mm deep, 260mm high

About the track: It is made for display purpose, so you can't enjoy running it.

About the car: B train Shorty new car
Note: Acrylic case included

Note: Due to the nature of the modelling process, some details may differ slightly from the actual location.
Note: Due to modeling reasons, some details may differ slightly from the actual location.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

! Orders containing this artwork will take approximately one week to be delivered!!!
This is the work of Yoshiaki Ishikawa, popular for his dioramas of kawaii trains running through fantastic worlds.
This work was awarded the 2014 tamtam Geotetsu Grand Prix.

This diorama recreates the spot where the three train lines intersect from Akihabara to Ochanomizu.
The highlight of this diorama is the mixture of the three lines, the Chuo, Sobu and Marunouchi underground lines, which straddle the Kanda River.
According to Mr. Ishikawa, the size of the works was limited in the competition, so it was difficult to create them in the limited space.

A case is included, so there is no need to worry about dust, making it ideal for interior decoration.

Note: We recommend that you use the special carriages supplied to run the rails on your artwork.
Note:Due to the handmade nature of the artwork, some details may vary.

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