Battery-Powered Self-Propelled Miniature Train : Yoshiaki Ishikawa Finished product N (1:150)

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Yoshiaki Ishikawa Finished vehicle, powered, N (1/150) size, about 1cm tall for a person

!!! Built-in power supply, self-propelled vehicle. can run on N gauge tracks, but please do not supply electricity to the tracks!

Length: approx. 33mm (not including power collector)

About the car: miniature miniature train
The mini-mini train is a very small carriage specially made by Mr. Ishikawa, which runs on its own with a built-in button battery (2 LR44). It starts running when the batteries are loaded and stops when the batteries are removed. Speed control is not available.
The car can run on TOMIX Super Mini Curve Rail as well as on sharp curves equivalent to R30.
Supplied with 2 x LR44 batteries for running. The car is ready to go as soon as it arrives.

Note:Due to the handmade nature of this product, details may vary.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This is a very small carriage specially made by Mr. Yoshiaki Ishikawa, who is popular for his dioramas of kawaii trains running through fantastic worlds.
Self-propelled with built-in button batteries (2 x LR44).
You can have fun by swapping the car with the one supplied with Ishikawa's work as you feel like it, or if you prepare your own N gauge track, it will run anywhere along the track. (Please do not supply electricity to the track.)
Two LR44s are supplied for running.
Two LR44s are provided for running, ready for you to enjoy as soon as you arrive.
Due to the handmade nature of this product, some details may vary.

Different colours, different collectors on the roof, different variations!
There are also other artworks by Mr. Yoshiaki Ishikawa, please have a look.

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