Opposite Exit/Straight Assembly Special Completed Product : Yoichi Miyashita - Painted HO (1:80)

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Yoichi Miyashita Pre-painted HO (1/80) Scale

Work size: 274mm (W) x 160mm (D) x 87mm (H)
Base Kit: "Small Wooden Station Building" by M's Collection

Note: The roof of the station building is unglued for easy interior and modification.
2017/4/1-16 "Reproduction of Railway Scenery in Showa Era: Works by Yoichi Miyashita, 2" (Sakatsu Gallery) First public work

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

Mr Miyashita himself made the finished product of the "Small Wooden Station House" made by Ms COLLECTION designed by Mr Miyashita.
The station building has a private railway style livery and the station name is set as "Oppukuchi".
The roof can be removed, making it easy to add an interior.
Why not add one of Mr Miyashita's structures to your own layout?

Please note:
Note: Please note that although these are essentially identical in terms of process and finish, each piece will vary in terms of colour and weathering.

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