Light Rail Pike Layout : Yoichi Miyashita Pre-painted 9mm Gauge 1:80

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Yoichi Miyashita Pre-painted 1/80 Scale (HO Narrow, 9mm Narrow)

Work size: 620mm (W) x 365mm (D) x 205mm (H)
Gauge (width between tracks): 9mm

Note: 2016/4/2-17 "Reproduction of Railway Scenery of the Showa Era: Works by Yoichi Miyashita" (Sakatsu Gallery), exhibition piece
. There is a crack in the transparent resin of the river due to age. (Cannot be repaired)
The car can be driven if you prepare the car and power pack separately. (Connection cable for KATO power pack included.)
Points can be switched manually.
Points can be switched manually. Two houses, the station building, the station platform and the traffic lights are illuminated with sesame bulbs. (The street lights are out due to a broken bulb and cannot be repaired)
The lights are powered by 4 x AA batteries.
Connector on the front of the pedestal for connection to the power pack and light switch.
Acrylic case is included, but is also scratched due to age, and the adhesive on the corners is peeling off (repair marks).

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

Early spring in the Chuetsu region.
The cold snow melt is flowing in the streams and the rice fields are waiting for the white oysters, but the wind has brought a gentle warmth.
Children and adults alike are lured by the sunshine, and the area around Okuno Station, the heart of the village, suddenly comes alive.
A small vehicle approached, riding slowly alongside the bicycles.

In the fresh green thickets, the mountain cherry trees in full bloom seem to be celebrating the short spring.

At the beginning of Mr. Miyashita's collection of works, "Model Railroad: Chitetsu Densha(local electric train) by Yoichi Miyashita, Jitetsu 'Chuetsu Chiiki Retsudo' HO Super Precise Diorama Works" , the This is a narrow gauge layout work introduced as "Chuetsu Regional Railway Light Railroad Line" at the beginning of .
This piece was made in 2004 and has deteriorated over time with some cracks in the clear resin of the stream and a balled up street lamp, but the quality is unbelievable for a piece over 10 years old!
The ground floor of the station building and the shops in front of the station are well done, and the first floor has a nice density of small items, so the more you look at it the more you will enjoy it.
This is an attractive work by Mr. Miyashita that offers both sides of the track in this compact size.

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