Landscape with a Pond : Yoichi Miyashita Pre-painted 9mm Gauge 1:80

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Yoichi Miyashita Pre-painted 1/80 Scale (HO Narrow, 9mm Narrow)

Work size: 370mm (W) x 210mm (D) x 180mm (H)
Gauge (width between tracks): 9mm

Note: 2016/4/2-17 "Reproduction of Railway Scenery of the Showa Era: Works by Yoichi Miyashita" (Sakatsu Gallery) Exhibition
The two trees are insertable and will be delivered detached.

Information compiled by Sakatsu Gallery

Autumn Wind on the Surface of a Reservoir
This is a recreation of a light railway in the countryside, with a small crossing and a reservoir.
I would highly recommend this piece for an HO narrow gauge car display stand.

This piece is a remake of one that Mr Miyashita once made as part of a modular layout.
The scene is simple, but the four areas, separated by tracks and roads, each have their own look and feel, and Miyashita's unique layout is evident.
The reservoir is made of a transparent corrugated material, which is fun to look into and feel the depth.

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