J.N.R. Platform : Yoichi Miyashita - Finished product version 1:80

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Yoichi Miyashita Pre-painted 1/80 Scale (HO, HO)

Work size: 333mm wide x 44mm deep x 87mm high
Platform length: 295mm

Note: 2016/4/2-17 "Reproduction of Railway Scenery in Showa Period: Works by Yoichi Miyashita" (Sakatsu Gallery)
First public work
Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This is a platform with a waiting room.
The design is simple but has a tasteful weathering coating.
The name of the station is "Asahi-machi". The next station is Noboriyamaguchi Station, and the bench has a sign saying "Yukinoshita Kosen", which is perfect for a local train line close to the mountains.
Enjoy a "collaboration" with Mr Miyashita to suit your own layout, display stand or diorama.

This is a new work by Yoichi Miyashita, April 2016, which may be published in RMM in the future, but is not yet out in the world.

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