Honkanazaki Station : Yoichi Miyashita Pre-Painted 16.5mm Gauge 1:80

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Yoichi Miyashita Pre-painted 1/80 Scale (HO, HO)

Work size: width 513mm x depth 168mm x height 115mm
Gauge (width between tracks): 16.5mm
Platform length: 310mm

Note: 2016/4/2-17 "Reproduction of Railway Scenery in Showa Period: Works by Yoichi Miyashita" (Sakatsu Gallery), first public work

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

Autumn in Tohoku. Oysters are turning red in the evening at the station.
A train will be arriving soon.
A station attendant's voice is heard pointing and confirming.
"The train will be here soon. Who are the lady and the little boy who have been waiting by the gate for a while now to greet them?
The train glides into the station over the harvested fields.

A fictional station called Honkanesaki in Aomori Prefecture, Japan.
This is a new work by Yoichi Miyashita, April 2016, which may be published in RMM in the future, but has not yet been released to the world.

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