Honey basket with 3 cars : Yoshiaki Nishimura HO layout section diorama work 1:80scale

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Yoshiaki Nishimura Painted 1:80 scale

Size of work: approx. 32.5 cm (W) x 23 cm (D) x 12 cm (H)

Rail : HO (16.5mm) gauge, approx. 26cm long
Note: For display purposes only. It is not designed to run on lorries.

Included: Seibu Railway Moni 1 (power track motive power) 1 car, Tomi 31 2 cars

Note: A protective wooden box for storing and transporting the artwork is included.
All figures and accessories in the photos are glued and fixed.

Note: Color tones in the photos may differ from the actual product depending on your monitor model and settings.

Information editing: Sakatsu Gallery

Honey basket" (video production: Sakatsu Gallery)

Honey basket is a manure pond. (Also known as "honey bucket.")
This layout section work is a special freight station in Saitama Prefecture with freight trains and special freight cars in the 1950s, when Tokyo also still had many pumping latrines.
At the time of, manure was a valuable fertilizer, and it was collected in the city center and loaded onto special freight cars called "To 31", which were then transported to Tokorozawa area on the Seibu Line for distribution to farmers in the surrounding area.
Before the distribution, the manure was transferred to a storage tank.
After this, the vegetables would be loaded onto a freight train and headed for Tokyo.
It is a very rare scene work that gives a sense of life and conditions at the time.

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