Sapporo City Tram Polaris] HO (HO) Layout Section: Yoshiaki Nishimura Finished product model 1:80

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Yoshiaki Nishimura Pre-painted 1/80 Scale (HO, HO)

Work size: approx. 48cm wide x 28cm deep x 13cm high
Gauge (width between tracks): 16.5mm

Note: A protective wooden box is included to store and transport the work.
The car in the photo (modified from Trolley Line's "Sapporo Tram New Type A1200" with LED. With power. Weathered) is included.
The included carriage is ready to run, but cannot be used in the production.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

In 2012, the Sapporo City Transport Bureau introduced the A1200, a three-section low-floor car made by Aruna, nicknamed Polaris (Polaris = North Star).
The A1201 has been modeled as a pre-painted model by Trolleyline, a local company in Sapporo, and I used it to create a scene of the Sapporo tramway.
The scene is set in December, just before Christmas.
The actual A1200 has never been a Christmas train yet, but we decorated the front with wreaths to give it a Christmas look. As it's winter, we've covered the cooler fans on the roof to recreate the look of only the units that aren't in operation being frozen.
The gambrel-roofed houses, which are now rare, were added to give the building a Hokkaido feel. The green house and the clinic-like building were both made by myself. This is the first time we have done this in Hokkaido.

This work was published in RM MODELS issue 233. We have made a special version, adding trees and dolls, and improving it to show the city covered in a light layer of snow as it starts to snow again.
This is the perfect piece to display and enjoy over the New Year's holidays.

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