Setouchi Line" (with car) : Yoshiaki Nishimura Diorama 1:80scale

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Yoshiaki Nishimura diorama work HO HO (1/80 scale) 16.5mm
Size: approx. 62cm (W) x 33cm (D) x 15cm (H)
Gauge (width between tracks): 16.5mm
Carriage: 1 powered carriage
. Note: A protective wooden box is included for storing and transporting the artwork.
A special battery box (made of wood) is also included. It provides power for the LED lights at stations, factories etc. and for the running of the carriages.
Running is by switch, only forward / OFF / backward. There is no speed control function.

Running performance is only a bonus and may not run smoothly. (Please clean the rails and wheels.)
Due to the short length of the rails, please be careful of derailments and collisions.
The boat has a separate built-in battery box. It can be operated ON/OFF by a switch located near the centre of the hull.
Uses 6 x AAA batteries in total.

Note:The colour tone of the picture may vary from the actual product due to your monitor model and settings.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

Shiomi Station is a port facing the Seto Inland Sea, built apologetically next to a factory.
Today, when the last liaison boat arrives from the island, the mooring rope is thrown over to the man waiting in the harbour.
In a quiet harbour at twilight, the liaison boat waits for the train with its passengers, rocked by waves of its own making.
Soon a two-tone single-track train rumbles into the station.

A passenger on the ferry is called out.
And so the Seto Inland Sea fades into the distance.

In this piece, the vehicles can be driven on the diorama.
You only have to drive the train back and forth over a very short distance, but if you operate the switch on the special power box provided, the train will slowly come and go...
It is very cute to see the train running in the LED light.

Note: The colour tone of the picture may vary depending on the model and settings of your monitor.

You're welcome! Orders containing this piece will take 1-2 weeks to be delivered!!!

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