Nikko Line is Cedar-lined" HO (HO) Layout Section with 3210 Series Cars : Yoshiaki Nishimura Finished product 1:80

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Yoshiaki Nishimura Pre-painted 1/80 Scale (HO, HO)

Work size: approx. 50cm (W) x 23cm (D) x 21cm (H)
Gauge (width between tracks): 16.5mm
Car: Tobu Railway Moha3233 (powered, Tobu 3210 series blue beige, weathered and painted) x 1 car,
Tobu Railway Kuha254 (without power, Tobu 3210 series blue beige, weathered and painted) x1 car

Note: A protective box (made of wood) is included for storing and transporting the pieces.
The car shown in the photo is included.
The car is ready to drive, but cannot be driven on the artwork.
This is an example from RMM 219 (November 2013) with additional dolls.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This is a layout and section work reproducing the Nikko Line around 1955-1934.
A semi-rapid train running under a row of cedar trees.
It is said that the common people who could not arrange the limited express ticket enjoyed the Nikko pilgrimage by taking this semi-rapid train.

The rails were stripped off in the war time, and the Nikko line which had become single-track was gradually restored to double-track from 1960.
(The above is excerpted and edited from this piece "Nikko Line is Cedar Lined" which appeared in RM MODELS No. 219)

In order to recreate the single-track condition in the model, after gluing the flexible rails, I purposely pulled out the rails so that only the sleepers are left.
The overhead wires are made thicker than scale for strength. The wire is made thicker than the scale, so that it will not be damaged by a slight touch. (The wire can be replaced with a thinner wire on request at extra cost. Please contact us if you wish)
The car has been assembled from a Model Wam kit, painted and weathered to a special finish by Nishimura, and is ready to run on an HO gauge (16.5mm) layout with a power pack.

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