Echizen Railway] N Scale Small Layout : Yoshiaki Nishimura 1:150

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Yoshiaki Nishimura Pre-painted 1/150 Scale (N)
This work was serialized in the Model Art publication "Railway Model Special".

Work size: 83cm (W) x 48cm (D) x 16cm (H)

Gauge (width between tracks): 9mm

Carriages included: 3 carriages
From The Railway Collection Vol.5
Echizen Railway MC2204 (powered, unweathered, coupled, panters changed)
The following two trains using the Railway Collection Echizen Railway Type 6000/6100 2-car set
Echizen Railway MC6001 (no power, weathering painted, uncoupled (both dummy couplers), panters changed)
Echizen Railway MC6107 (no power, no weathering, can be connected (dummy coupler on one side), panters have been changed)

Note: A protective box (made of wood) is included for storing and transporting the piece.
In addition to the trains MC2204 and 6107 shown in the photo, 6001 is also included.
The included trains can be driven (only 2204 is self-propelled), but the cars that can be driven must be less than 20m class.
To enjoy the ride, please purchase a separate power pack.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

The image of "Echizen Railway" Katsuyama Eiheiji Line in Fukui Prefecture was created.
The layout is small and oval, but has a lot to offer. The station in the foreground is a replica of Eiheiji-guchi Station, with the station's main building, a registered tangible cultural property, and an island platform. In fact, the Eiheiji temple, which stands solemnly deep in the mountains away from the station, is placed on the diagonal to the station, and the height difference between the two is represented by terraced rice fields.
In the early spring, when the white oysters have finished growing, the surface of the rice paddies is quietly waiting for the rice to be planted.
Looking at the details, we see a light blue mushroom-like object growing near the point. This is the boiler system and chimney of the "underfloor heating" system, which prevents the points from being frozen by the snow, and is an accessory made by Nishimura himself.
In the corner of the temple precincts, an "oden-ya" has also come to deal with the people who have been lured by the loosening weather.

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