Hisatsu Line Osumi-Yokogawa Station : Sadashi Okakura Pre-painted 1:80

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Okakura Teishi Painted 1/80 Scale

Work size (maximum approximate size): 380mm (W) x 190mm (D) x 110mm (H)
Note: The roof is removable (very delicate. Please handle with care.
�E½@�E½@8 LED lights, powered by button cell (CR2032) with connector.

Information compiled by Sakatsu Gallery

The prototype is Hisatsu-sen Osumi-Yokogawa station.
It has been well used but still looks very much in use, with exquisite weathering paintwork. Each piece of wood has a different grain, as only Okakura can do by combining thin pieces of wood as if they were real buildings.
The roof is removable for this delicate structure, which is also an exceptional piece of workmanship.
The work is also illuminated by LEDs, which provide a beautiful and nostalgic night view, with light falling through the windows and shadows cast by the roof pillars of the platform.
Display it on its own, add interior decorations and lights, or incorporate it into your layout.


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