Higashisa Line Hitoyoshi Station Workshop: James Okakura Painting Tools 1:80

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Okakura Teishi Painted 1/80 Scale

Size (maximum approximate size): 180mm (W) x 170mm (D) x 100mm (H)
Note: Roof can be removed, sliding door can be partially opened and closed (Very delicate. Please handle with care.
�E½@�E½@Available in two types of roof: tin or Japanese tiles. The shed can be removed and opened.
The shed can be removed and opened.
Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

The prototype is a wooden workshop in the premises of Hitoyoshi Station on the Hisatsu Line.

The walls are faded by the wind and rain, and there are gaps in the walls in places, reminding us of the years that this building has accumulated.
This is a unique expression of Okakura's work, which is made up of thin pieces of wood that are put together just like a real building.
This delicate structure has a removable roof and sliding doors that can be partially opened and closed, making it an exceptional piece of workmanship.
This piece is available with two types of roofs: tin or Japanese tile. The shape of the smoke outlets and other features are also designed for each and can be exchanged according to the scene and your preference.
It can be displayed on its own, added to interiors and lights, or incorporated into a layout.
The storage area can be unbolted and the door can be opened and closed. The door can be opened and closed to create a story.


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