Wooden Two-Line Light Rail Locomotive : Sadashi Okakura Pre-painted HO (1:80)

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Okakura Teishi Painted 1/80 Scale

Work size: Building approx. 140mm (W) x 155mm (D) x 68mm (H), Garage section width (per line) 45mm (W) x 40mm (H) x 135mm (D)
Prototype: Designed on the basis of the wooden two-line locomotive depot of the Kujukuri Railway
. Note: The building can be separated from the base. In addition to embedding the whole base, it is easy to relocate the building only.
If 3V DC (20mA or less, Sakatsu button battery power supply recommended) is input to the lead wire, 2 lights in the warehouse and 1 light in the office will be lit (LED).
The door on the side of the building can be opened and closed.

Photo: Sadashi Okakura

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

This is a reproduction of a wooden two-wire locomotive depot of the Kujukuri Railway.
"Bus Garage". Compared to the bus garage, the accessories are kept to a minimum, making it easier to incorporate into your layout or diorama.

In many places, the clapboards are damaged and appear to be transparent, which is a familiar feature of Okakura's work. It is also very realistic when seen from inside.
This is a structure work that you will want to look at forever, such as a night view illuminated by LEDs.

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