Wooden Bus Garage : Sadashi Okakura Pre-painted HO (1:80)

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Okakura Teishi Painted 1/80 Scale

Work size: building approx. 140mm (W) x 140mm (D) x 68mm (H), garage 89mm (W) x 42mm (H)
�E½@Size of stand: 160mm wide x 160mm deep x 15mm high
Prototype: Designed based on the wooden two-wire locomotive depot of the Kujukuri Railway
. Note: separable floor and base (screwed together). The floor and the building can be separated (screwed, lavatory and accessories glued to the floor), which makes it easy to move the building only. Recommended not only as a bus garage but also as an engine house with a ticket office for light rail services.
Opening and closing of the doors (partial). 2 interior lights (LED) in the vault and 2 interior lights in the office with external 3V battery (2 AA battery boxes included). Many accessories included: workbench, gas cylinder, stepladder, drums, old tyres, etc. The roof is removable.
The white sign is temporarily fixed, so you can add any text you like and fix it.
Bus not included.

Photo: Sadashi Okakura

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This work is based on a wooden two-wire locomotive depot of the Kujukuri Railway, and is based on the image of a garage that also serves as a bus depot.
The original workroom has been converted into a ticketing office and a small waiting room, and a small independent lavatory has been added to the back of the shed.

The 1.5 x 1.5 cypress hut framework and clapboards are very realistic even when viewed from inside. In some places, the clapboards are damaged and show through, which is familiar in Okakura's work, inviting emotion.
The base and floor, as well as the floor and building, are each screwed together for easy separation and "transfer" to a layout or diorama.
If only the building is used on a layout with narrow track, it can be turned into a desirable building for an original light two-wire locomotive depot.
Of course, you can use it as is and enjoy it as a display stand for your bus. Tomytec's 1/80 Isuzu BXD50 Buslooks 3 times more luxurious! (Bus not included)

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