Showa Color Pattern "Tired of Waiting Woman" : Takaki Yamamoto Completed Painting 1:25

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Takaki Yamamoto Pre-painted 1/25 Size

Work size: 114mm (W) x 114mm (D) x 113mm (H) Acrylic case (including 10x10x10cm)

Notes: 2 LED lights, 1 CR2032 button battery. Battery holder and push button switch on the bottom of the case.
With acrylic case.

The 'Yamamoto Diorama World' condensed into a 10cm square miniature!
This is the world of the diorama.
If sold out, it may take a long time to re-produce.
If sold out, it may take a long time to re-produce.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

This is the first in a series of dioramas by the lyrical diorama artist Yamamoto Takaki, known for his work on "Umechan-sensei" and "Showa Genkei Diorama Exhibition".
The dioramas are handmade by the artist, Takaki Yamamoto.

A late night scene in a bar... The woman in the bar is excited about tonight's weekend.

But he doesn't show up.
A woman in a bar is hoping that the weekend will be her night.
She was a woman who got tired of waiting and eventually went to sleep peacefully.

The next episode of Showa Iroko Yomiga is a night-time drama for adults, condensed into a moody bar diorama. It is the perfect place to enjoy a drink while watching a woman fall asleep.
A small diorama with an atmospheric light and a composition that uses the space in the palm of your hand to great effect. This is a diorama of the night world, the work of diorama artist Takaki Yamamoto.

And more Takaki Yamamoto's work here!

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