Yamamoto Takaki's Fantasy Diorama: Shinjuku Golden Gai: Takaki Yamamoto Painted 1:43

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Takaki Yamamoto Pre-painted 1/43 Size

Approximate size: 26cm (W) by 26cm (D) by 21cm (H), including acrylic case (25cm square, 2mm thick)

Note: Acrylic case included.
It is also available with LED lights for a night view mode.
Uses 1 x 100V household power supply. There is a 3m power cord (with ON/OFF switch) coming from the back of the piece.
Yamamoto Diorama World" condensed into a tabletop size!
This is a rare work of art, made in very small quantities by the artist himself. Don't miss out on this chance!

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This is a new work by Mr. Takaki Yamamoto, known for his title back diorama of NHK morning drama "Umechan sensei".
Shinjuku Golden Gai is a real shopping street of small restaurants in Shinjuku Kabuki-cho.
This is a tabletop version of the diorama of the same name, which shows the chaos of the town in the 1970s, when the sex industry still existed alongside the restaurants.
This is the first in a series of dioramas of the same name.

As we walk down the narrow alleyway, we suddenly see the scene of a drinking district illuminated by primary-coloured lights.
It's late at night, but the city is still alive with suspicious people.
I'm not sure what to make of this.

It seems that it is somewhat difficult to pass through these streets.

Besides, Here's more of Takaki Yamamoto's work at !

"Showa Phantom Landscape"

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