Yamamoto Takaki's Fantasy Diorama Kakinokiyokomachi: Takaki Yamamoto Painted 1:43

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Takaki Yamamoto, painted, 1/43 size
Acrylic case: 25cm wide, 25cm deep, 25cm high
Light-emitting diode illumination with Ebro Mazda Auto

This is the first diorama in a series of 1:43 scale dioramas by lyrical diorama artist Takaki Yamamoto, who has been creating dioramas based on the townscapes and people of the Showa era.
In a compact space of 250 mm square, we have moistly recreated a downtown scene with its dense clapboard wooden houses, a modest memory as if we had seen it one day.
At the bottom of the stone staircase, there is the familiar figure of "Kafu-sensei" in Yamamoto's works. Please enjoy the depth of the composition steeped in the taste of the Showa era.

Mr. Yamamoto's diorama is used as the opening title of NHK's morning TV series "Ume-chan sensei"! We can't take our eyes off Yamamoto's ever-expanding world.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

It is a nostalgic part of the downtown area.

It is the time of autumn, when the orange colour of the persimmon fruit is dazzling.

I always see the girl on the balcony
He is the first boy to invite her for a drive.

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