Yamamoto Takaki's Fantasy Diorama: The Labyrinth Street at Midnight: Yamamoto Takaki Painted 1:43

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Takaki Yamamoto, painted, 1/43 size
Acrylic case approximate size: 25cm wide, 25cm deep, 25cm high

This is a 1:43 scale diorama by the lyrical diorama artist, Takaki Yamamoto, who has been creating dioramas based on the townscapes of the Showa era and the people who lived there.
In the compact space of a 250mm painting, the artist has created a densely packed, suspicious drinking area.
This is a "healing diorama" for grown-up men who want to forget work and home for a moment.
We hope you will keep it with you and enjoy a drink this evening while looking at the lights of the Red Lantern.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

As we walked down the narrow alleyway, we suddenly saw the scene of a drinking area illuminated by primary-coloured lights.
It's late at night, but the city is still alive with suspicious people.
I'm not sure what to make of this.

It seems that it is somewhat difficult to pass through these streets.

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