Season of Greenery" : Yukimasa Itoh Pre-painted N (1:150)

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I'm sorry! You will receive it after 27 June 2011!!!
Yukimasa Itoh's work will be exhibited at the exhibition "2011 Spring/Summer Story - N Tabijo" and will be available for delivery after the exhibition. Please note that this is an exhibition of works by Yukimasa Ito.
Please note that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this work will be donated to the Great East Japan Earthquake relief efforts, in accordance with Ito's wishes.

Yukimasa Ito (K.ITO) Pre-painted N(1/150)
Approximate dimensions of the case: 22cm (W) by 17cm (D) by 16.5cm (H)

Information compiled by Sakatsu Gallery

A series of works by diorama artist Yukimasa Ito "2011 Spring/Summer Story", Act 1, Part 2.
The main character of this story is Ko-chan, the snow-melting water. What story will Ko-chan tell us?

This is the most difficult place in the snowmelt, you never know where you might fall.
I'm so dizzy...
Arrived safely at the waterfall. How did you like my performance?
The wild wisteria twining around the fresh greenery gives a taste of nature.
Oh, the senior who went underground is heated up and turned into a hot spring.
Take an open-air bath and enjoy the nature. You will be healed~

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