Petit Scene - The Old Man and the Child Paulechke - : Yukimasa Itoh - painted 1:87

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Yukimasa Ito (K.ITO) Pre-painted 1/87 size
Approximate case dimensions: width 75mm, depth 75mm, height 70mm
The bonfire flickers with LEDs and glows like a flame. There is a button battery and switch under the base.

The "Petit Scene" series of palm-sized dioramas has been turned into a work of art by diorama artist Ito.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

On Sunday, we are doing something with the fallen leaves in the park. Let's have a peek.
Hey! Ken-chan. Don't just stay warm, hurry up and bake some potatoes.
I'm cold.
Ken-boy, they used to say that a child is a child of the wind...
Apparently, grandpa and his grandchildren are making "baked potatoes" by burning fallen leaves.
This is the name of the work, because from a distance it seems as if they are dancing the polka while baking fallen leaves. It has nothing to do with Zatozen.

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