Petit Scene - "Auntie's B-Grade Sweet Give It To Me": Yukimasa Ito, painted 1:87

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Yukimasa Ito (K.ITO) Pre-painted 1/87 size
Approximate case dimensions: 75mm wide by 75mm deep by 70mm high

The "Petit Scene" series of palm-sized dioramas has been turned into a work of art by diorama artist, Mr. Ito.
Baba Hera Ice is a registered trademark of Shindo Reika Co.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

We made a petite scene in honour of the divine aunties who are working hard in the heat.
If you have driven through Akita Prefecture, you will have seen this beach parasol at least once. Yes, it's called "Baba Hera Ice".
It's a yellow and pink ice cream that will make you miss the texture of the season. If you are ever in Akita, you should try it.

The name "Babahela Ice" comes from the Akita dialect of the word "Babahela", which means "spatula" in Japanese, used by an old lady who sold ice cream part-time during her farm work. We would like to express our gratitude to Shindo Reika for their generous cooperation in making this film possible. Thank you very much.

This piece comes with a secret "octopus foot" which, when attached...

"Auntie, give me one."
"Auntie, give me one."
Zaban! I'll have one. Oh! My ice cream. It's hot in the sea, too, isn't it? No wonder you're red.
And so it goes.

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