Autumn Valley Module : Kazutaku Itoh Pre-painted 1:150 Scale

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Ito Kazutaku Pre-painted N-Gauge (1/150) People are approximately 1cm tall in size

Size (max): approx. 610 x 310 x H400 mm (350 mm when legs are removed)

Rail : N gauge (TOMIX rails can be connected)
Rail length: approx. 330 mm
Rail is at 200mm height above ground level. The rails are positioned at a height of 200mm above ground level, and when the height adjustment legs are removed, the rails are positioned at a minimum height of 150mm above ground level.

Note : The work was published in the November 2019 issue of Hobby of Model Railroading TMS934 (the name at the time of publication was "Autumn Nightscape Module")
Two battery boxes with power switch on the bottom, each with two AA batteries.
The carriages shown in the photo are for display purposes only and are not included in the work.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

Influenced by the "shadow box" dioramas often seen in the plastic model world, I tried to apply that world to model trains.

I created this work with the expectation of a world where the inside of the wooden box looks like a valley at night, with autumn leaves reflecting in the air.

When you look into the box from the front of the module, you can see the stars shining in the dark sky. Stars shining in the dark sky Illuminated autumn leaves
Waterfront camper's fire
A water mirror reflecting them
. You can see the

The track is made by TOMIX and can be run, but we think it is better to see it as an interior.

If you look through the tunnel on the side of the module, you can see a different scene than if you look at it from the front.

Sometimes you can place your favourite drink on top of the crate and toast to the night view.

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