Small Mine Layout : Joto-Dengeki Pre-Painted 1:87 for 9mm Narrow Gauge

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Lion Model Joto Denki Pre-painted 9mm Narrow

Size of the work: Width approx. 18.3cm Depth approx. 12.6cm Height approx. 9.7cm
Curve radius: R30
Note: Can be folded, there is a slot on the side of the piece for the feeder wire, feeder wire included
Note:Vehicle and power pack or other controller not included

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This is a complete diorama work by Joto Denki made in a wooden box.
The theme of this diorama is "Mine Layout" and the rusty pipes, pump room and deserted ground make the atmosphere of the work more pronounced.
The rails are handmade using flexible rails.
The track is a very tight curve, about the size of the R30, so it can only be travelled on a short two-axle carriage.
. This is a very tight curve. The scale is intended to be 9mm narrow.
. The model can be folded and transported to different locations for display.

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