Chagawa Shoten Junnosuke-kun Father Appears: Toshio Ito - Finished product 1:80 size

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Toshio Ito Pre-painted 1/80 Size

Overall dimensions (including case): 23cm wide, 13cm deep, 13.5cm high
Approximate dimensions of the building when separated (including the surrounding ground): 9.5cm wide, 17cm deep, 10cm high
Kit used: "Chagawa Shoten" by M's and others
Note: Clear case included. Lighted by tiny LEDs, with button battery and switch at the bottom of the piece. The roof is removable. Dolls are pre-glued. Crown taxi is detachable.
The building and its surroundings are detachable, so you can easily transfer it to your own model railway layout! This is a great value piece that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.

(c)2007 "ALWAYS: Sunset on Third Street" Production Committee

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This is "Chagawa Shoten", a candy shop in the movie series "ALWAYS Sunset on Third Street".
Junnosuke Furuyuki, a schoolboy abandoned by his mother, finds himself in the company of Ryunosuke Chagawa, the owner of the Chagawa Shop and an unsuccessful novelist.
The story of a young man and his family, who are trying to become science fiction writers, is told by the president of a large company who claims to be Junnosuke's father.
What will become of their fate?
With plenty of small parts from the time-consuming candy shop, and original effects such as the postbox and bicycle, we have recreated key scenes from the film.
It can be displayed as it is, or the building and its surroundings can be separated for easy transfer to your own model railway layout! This is a great value piece with many ways to enjoy it.
Please also check out our concurrent production "Suzuki Auto: The Day Roku-chan Came".

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