Steampunk Town in a Clock : Bambini - painted, non-scale

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Bambini Finished Diorama Super Small Pike Layout Non Scale

Approximate size: width 25cm, depth 13cm, height 33cm

Lighting: LED lights inside the diorama, battery box on the back of the diorama (2 x AA batteries) and switch

Layout (track): track diameter approx. 80mm (equivalent to R40), track width 9mm

About the car: Mini-mini train (pantograph version) included.
The Mini Mini Train is a very small carriage specially made by Mr. Yoshiaki Ishikawa, which runs by itself with built-in button batteries (2 LR44). It starts running when the batteries are loaded and stops when the batteries are removed. Speed control is not available.

Note: Please note that due to the narrow curve radius, only miniature trains are allowed to run.
Note:Due to the handmade nature of this product, details may vary.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

The work of Mr. Bambini, whose creations range from miniatures, dollhouses and handmade works.
A steampunk world recreated in a large figurine clock! It also contains a very small model railway layout (Pike).

The mysterious space, which seems to be underground and on the edge of time and space, is filled with an inorganic city made up of intricately folded gears and metals.
The only 'green' among them!
The plant is covered by a glass case and, to protect it even more, a railway circles around it.
How did this town come to be, what kind of people live here, what kind of drama is about to start... This is a fantastic work that will capture your imagination.
The LED lights add to the atmosphere.

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