Old Coach : Toshio Itoh Pre-painted 1:12 Scale

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Toshio Ito Pre-painted 1/12 Scale

Work size (including base): approx. W130 D149 H198 mm

Base kit: "Old type passenger car" made by Kobani

Note: Two sets of ekiben & tea are extra. The tea is glued to the ekiben, but not to the piece, so you can place it freely.
The windows slide up and down and can be adjusted to open and close in 5 different states.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

Pre-painted complete works made from the "Old Coaches"
kit by Cobani.
The exterior is finished in the characteristic "grape" colour of JNR general type coaches, and the interior of the coach is finished in the same colour and texture.
The omake ekiben & tea can be placed and changed freely.
The windows can also be opened and closed as designed in the kit, so you can create a variety of scenes to enjoy.
This kit is perfect for train fans, or as a 1/12 dollhouse with a difference.


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