Purely Japanese Private House : Toshio Itoh Pre-painted 1:12

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Toshio Ito Pre-painted 1/12 size

Work size (with tokonoma, Japanese-style room and broad veranda combined): approx. width 345mm, depth 420mm, height 230mm

Base kit: "Japanese Minka Series" by Little Flag

Note: The tokonoma (alcove), the Japanese-style room and the broad veranda can be enjoyed as independent spaces or combined to form a single scene.
The shoji and fusuma screens are all movable. The shutters are stored in a door bag.
As a bonus, there is a
A modern Japanese tsukidate
. Japanese cypress table and chair set. Shogi board with glued edge
. Ceiling with LEDs
The set comes with the following items. The ceiling with LEDs is included.
The ceiling is decorated with one LED light and a Japanese style light shade is attached to the ceiling. The ceiling is equipped with a battery box, 3 AAA batteries, an ON/OFF switch and a dimmer control.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

This is a complete structure (building model) work based on the Little Flag "Minka in Japan" series of kits, with additional small items.
The three spaces, the Tokonoma (alcove), the Japanese-style room and the Hiroen (broad veranda), can be disassembled and each can be enjoyed as a small scene.
The combination of the spaces can be changed, for example, the position of the alcove and the broad veranda can be reversed.
All the sliding doors and fusuma are movable. Even the shutters can be pulled out and closed as if they were real.
The ceiling is just a bonus to keep the dust away, but it has been decorated with LED lights so that when you turn on the switch after dark, the lights come on and you feel like you are in a real Japanese room!
The scale is 1/12, which is the scale of a normal dollhouse, so it is fun to add Japanese dollhouse accessories to make it your own.

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