Diorama Table [Fun Highland Train] : Atelier Zero Pre-painted N (1:150)

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Painted DIORAMA TABLE by Atelier Zero N (1/150)

Overall dimensions of the table: diameter 875 mm, height 700 mm
Material: Top=10mm clear acrylic, Body=reinforced plastic, Base=plywood

Uses 1 x 100V household power socket.
When you press the switch on the unit, the car runs automatically for 3 minutes and plays sounds inspired by the SL running and animal noises.
The car comes with one mini SL as shown in the picture (set of 3 cars).

Please note that the photo is an image and may differ from the actual product.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

This diorama table, equipped with an N gauge automatic running system, is brought to you by Atelier Zero, a professional group of modeling artists who have also worked on Tobu World Square.
The first product is a fairy-tale scene inspired by a delightful plateau.
The diorama is richly coloured, with plenty of dolls and a background that matches the diorama's surroundings.
It runs automatically and even makes sounds. The movement of the train as it stops at the station building is a joy to watch for children and adults alike.

As the train moves, the sounds of running, whistle, steam, church bells, birdsong, cows, horses, sheep and dogs are played back.
As the product name suggests, it can also be used as a stylish table.
The plateau train is regulated by a special automatic controller and is operated at the touch of a button.
The Plateau Train is ideal for offices, waiting rooms, coffee shops and other shops, as well as children's facilities, children's rooms, etc.

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