Cho Station HO 1:80 : Toshio Itoh Pre-painted HO (1:80)

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Toshio Ito Pre-painted 1/80 Size

Work size (base size): approx. 149mm wide, 109mm deep, 95mm high

Base Kit: Classic Story "Banshu Railway Cho Station 1/80" and others

Note: 2 LED lights are already built in, and there is a button battery power supply (with dimmer function) in the ceiling parts, so you can enjoy the night view.
Roof, ceiling parts and poles are removable. The entire station building can be removed from the base.
Acrylic case is not included.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

Made by Classic Story Banshu Railway Cho Station 1/80This is a complete structure (building model) work based on the kit, including electric decoration.
. The electric poles on the impressive platform at the prototype long station have been reproduced. The roof was finished to look like it had been rusted red by iron dust from the tracks to keep the prototype image alive.
And above the entrance to the station building is a swallow's nest! It's a very playful piece of work.

The 1/80 design allows you to add accessories such as echo models to the interior.
The roof and ceiling (electric parts) are removable for easy addition of the interior, and of course, the station building itself is completely removable from the base!
This makes it easy to not only add parts, but also to do drastic things such as relocating or adding weathering paint.
This long station is small in size and easy to use.
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