Takarada Station w/Weighing Scale : Toshio Itoh Pre-painted HO Narrow (1:87)

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Itoh Toshio Pre-painted 1/87 Size HO Narrow

Work size (including acrylic case and base): approx. 183mm wide by 123mm deep by 90mm high
Gauge (width between tracks): 9mm (approx. 160mm long)
Platform length: 130mm

Base kit: Classic Story's "Saidaiji Zaita Station Platform Shed" limited edition kit and others

Note: 2 LED lights are already built into the platform shed of the work, and there is a button battery power supply (with dimmer function) at the bottom of the work, for you to enjoy the night view.
Small trolley included. No power, cannot run on its own, but can be driven. The coupler has a special shape.
Acrylic case included. Petrol meter included. Not fixed.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

Made by Classic Story Saidaiji Zaita Station Platform ShedBased on the kit, various small parts such as dolls are added to create an emotional scene.
This is a revival of "Zaita Station", which Ito produced in 2011. Again, don't delay in buying this one!

A train seems to be approaching the station.
The station staff are pointing out and checking the train, while the lady carrier walks slowly by.
The man on the bench has to fold his newspaper.
A lovely red petrol measuring cup sits close to the small station.
A lovely red petrol gauge sits alongside a small station, awaiting the arrival of the train.

The petrol meter can also be placed on top of the small trolley as a bonus. It can also be placed on top of the small trolley.
With two tiny LED lights under the roof, this is the perfect display stand to enjoy the night view.

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