Sukeroku's 2-Line Engine Depot : Toshio Itoh Pre-painted 1:87

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Itoh Toshio Pre-painted 1/87 Size HO Narrow

Work size (including base): approx. 210mm (width), 297mm (depth) (protruding lead wires), 100mm (height)
Gauge (width between tracks): 9mm (made by PECO)

Base Kit: Modelwagen "Sukeroku no 2 Line Locomotive", Almodel "Kato 7 Ton DL"

Note: 3 LED lights are already installed. Button battery, switch and dimmer control are located on the bottom.
The car in the photo ("Kato 7 ton DL" kit assembled and painted) is included.
The carriage is ready to run and can be connected to the power pack (sold separately) by connecting the leads from the base to the locomotive. (Please be careful not to crash or derail the car at excessive speed. (Please be careful not to crash or derail the train at excessive speed or it will break)
The perimeter of the engine room (approx. 120 mm wide and 200 mm deep) can be separated from the work base by the ground (screwed from the underside).

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

A light railway locomotive is decorated with electric lights and a diesel locomotive (DL) for a luxurious and fun finished product.
If you prepare the power pack separately, you can enjoy the garage operation right away.
It's only a short distance, but it's more fun than you think to slowly move a DL in and out of a lighted engine house!
If you can't get enough of it, you can make the A4 size base even more to your liking.
If you can't get enough of it, you can make more of the A4 size base, or you can remove the whole ground around the engine shed to build your own layout.
The LEDs are dimmable power supply for LEDs, so you can adjust the brightness as you like.
This kit is a precious locomotive kit with a lot of dolls and small parts, so it has a great atmosphere. The DL is a bonus, but it has actually been approved by the manufacturer, Almodel, and is a very good value set.

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